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Mountain Biking
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Mountain bikes are available for hire at numerous places around the island, just don't expect any recognizable brand names. That said, the local brand bikes are perfectly suitable for a day out tackling the terrain.bisycle

If you fancy an endurance test, then a simple circular route around the island probably suffices. Just remember to give yourself at least four or five hours, an make sure you're back before dark. Samui's roads are hair-raising at the best of times at night on a bicycle with no lights they're downright terrifying. Heading south from Chaweng presents the most arduous part of the journey - the steep hills between Chaweng and Lamai - out of the way first. From then on the road is relatively flat until north of Nathon, when easier gradients but longer hills lay in wait.

For more variable terrain, head inland. One of the best spots is the Mae Nam Valley area. Simply head down the road next to Angela's Bakery. You'll some challenging technical downhill's and up hills through coconut groves and farmland. A compass might be a good idea, and try not to ride over any-body's crops.

For real suspension- testing action, the road leading up to Wanorn Waterfall, south of Nathon, is heavy going and recommended only for the exceptionally fit. The road actually starts off in pretty good condition, but deteriorates at a rapid rate as you climb to the 205m high point. By the end, you're dodging boulders, negotiating slippery mud and cycling up a 1:4 gradient perilously close to the edge of a ravine. The views are spectacular from the top, and there's always a chance of a refreshing swim. You are guaranteed to break a sweat. So if this sounds too much like hard work, then it's probably best to stick to elephants.