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Dining out
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fd-curry.jpg (34732 bytes)One of the greatest joys of Thailand, and especially Samui, is the superb cuisine, abundant and combined with a growing number of European & international restaurants; the choice is immense. It is easy to eat sumptuously for little more than 200 Baht per person.

The traditional way to eat Thai food is to share several different dishes at the same time, enabling each dinner to discover as many different flavors as possible. One spoonful of one dish at a time, ladled onto a plate of steaming fragrant rice (Khao Plow), helps to keep the flavors distinct, while a sip of Chinese tea (Cha Jin) in between mouthfuls helps to prepare the taste buds for the next exhilarating experience. Below are the variety of seafood and how best to enjoy it.

For desert, enjoy some of Thailand's exotic fruits.

ico-squiggle.gif (79 bytes) Shellfish :
ysters on the half shell served chilled with a garlic-lemon and chili sauce topped with Chinese mustard. Most restaurants serve this as an appetizer - truly irresistible! Another method of preparing oysters is to have them fried, boiled, or stewed in a clay pot with fragrant basil leaves. Cockles, clams, mussels, and more shellfish choices are available in Samui. These shellfish are either aromatically steamed with sweet herbs, or sautéed in garlic butter. In selecting shellfish, it is deemed fresh when the membrane is clear.
ico-squiggle.gif (79 bytes) Lobsters :
obsters are usually kept in tanks. Lobsters cfd-prawn.jpg (22030 bytes)an be steamed and served with garlic butter.
Seafood restaurants pride themselves in their own secret sauce recipes to accompany your order. In choosing lobsters the joint between the head and tail must be translucent and not of a black discoloration.

ico-squiggle.gif (79 bytes) Squid :
arlic squid or barbecued squid are savory dishes, but squid deep-fried in batter is a delicious way of preparation. The thin crispy batter crumbles as you bite into the tasty, tender meat.

ico-squiggle.gif (79 bytes) Crabs :
rabs taste great when fried with curry powder. A plate of chili crabs with extra hot peppers is for persons who love hot food. Crab claws with glass noodles and celery is a mild and tempting Thai dish served in a clay pot.
Barbecued crabs is an interesting way of preparation, while steamed crabs are the European way of savoring the natural sweetness of the meat. To assure freshness, crabs must be alive when you select them.
ico-squiggle.gif (79 bytes) Fish :
teamed Fish (Pla Neung) is served in a fish-shaped tray atop a burner. Every restaurant has its own varied of garnishing for steamed fish. Some are topped with preserved Soya beans, ginger, garlic and onions. Others combine minced pork with preserved lemon, preserved leeks, chilies, onions, or shallots. fd-fish.jpg (19377 bytes)
Snapper, groupers, sea bass, sea perch, mullet, skip jack, and trevally are recommended fish for steaming. Sweet and Sour fish (Pla Preaw Wan) is a deep-fried fish with a simmered sauce made from arrowroot, baby cucumbers, tomatoes, pineapple, and onions ladled over the fish. Fish with Tree Sauces (Pla Sam Rod) is a deep-fried fish served with a combination of three sauces. Deep - fried mustard green are used as garnishing. Flounder, skip jack, and sole are recommended for this special Thai dish. Fried Fish with Garlic and Pepper (Pla Thod Krathiam) is pan-fried and seasoned with fried garlic and a strong dash of pepper. Bar-B-Q Fish (Pla Yang) is a tasty treat wrapped in banana leaf and barbecued directly on the grill.
When selecting a fresh fish, the eyes must be shining and not dull or glazed. The body must be firm when pressed and the gills should be a rich red color.
fd-prawn2.jpg (24278 bytes)ico-squiggle.gif (79 bytes) Prawns :
wide variety of prawns are available Grey or pink. Tiger prawns are commonly called jumbo prawns. They are usually barbecued and the meat pulls easily away from the shell. slit in half , and sautéed with garlic butter, is another popular way of cooking prawns.
Smaller prawns can be deliciously prepared with steamed herb, fried with garlic and pepper, or baked with salt. But one should not leave Samui without trying Tom Yum Goong , the undeclared national soup of Thailand made of lemon grass, ginger, and shrimp. When selecting prawns, the head should not be discolored, nor should it have and unpleasant smell.
ico-squiggle.gif (79 bytes)Learn Thai cooking :wock.gif (2549 bytes)
If your interest is simply in learning more about what goes into Thai dishes in order to enhance your knowledge and enjoyment when dining out, you can join one of the cooking classes offered on the island
Terms used in Thai menus

Rice Starters
Khao - Rice Kiew Grob - Little flatted pastry cases filled with minced pork
  Khao Suay - Steamed rice   Po-Pia - Spring rolls filled with shredded meat /or fish and glass noodles
Khao Niew - Sticky rice   Mee Grob - Sweet crispy noodles
Khao Tom - Boiled rice   Tod-Mun - Deep fried fish, crab or shrimp cake
Khao Phad - Fried rice   Gra-Thong-Thong - Minced meats with herbs in pastry shells
How to make rice  
Vegetables Noodle
Pak - Vegetables   Guay Thiew - Noodle
Gra-Thieam - Garlic   Sen Mee - Rice noodle vermicelli
Khing - Ginger   Ba Mee - Egg noodle
Hed - Mushroom   Woon-Sen - Glass noodle
Fuk Thong - Pumpkin   Phad Thai - Fried noodle Thai style with stuffed egg
Pak Kard - Lettuce   Phad Si Iew - Fried noodle with meat in soy sauce.
Ka-Lum-Pree - Cabbage   Rad Nah - Noodle in light gravy
Pak Chee - Parsley  

thai food               thai food             thai food

Tang Kwa - Cucumber  
Thua Ngork - Bean sprout  
Thai vegetables  
Meats & Seafood Salad & Soup
A-harn Ta-Le - Sea food   Gaeng Jued - Clear and mild soup
  Gai - Chicken   Poh-Tak - Spicy mixed seafood soup with lemon grass
Moo - Pork   Tom-Kar - Sour and spicy soup with coconut milk (usually chicken)
Nuea - Beef   Som Tam - Papaya salad
Ped - Duck   Larb - Minced meats with Thai herbs
Pla - Fish     -  
Hoi - Shellfish Sauces
Goong - Prawn, Shrimp   Nam Man Hoi - Oyster sauce, strong and salty
Pla-Mueg - Squid   Nam Prik - Thai sauce (dip with shrimp paste and chili)
Poo - Crab   Nam Pla - Fish sauce (Sometimes with chili and lime juice)
Examples for ordering rice Cooking techniques and flavorings
Khao Tom Moo - Boiled rice with pork   Kaeng - Soup
Khao Tom Kai - Boiled rice with chicken   Phed - Spicy
Khao Tom Pla - Boiled rice with fish   Kaeng Phed - Red curry paste made with red chili and coconut milk
Khao Phad Moo - Fried rice with pork   Kaeng Kiew Wan - Green Curry past made with green chili and coconut milk
Khao Phad Kai - Fried rice with chicken   Kaeng Pa - Soup made with chili and many kind of Thai herb.
Khao Phad Koong - Fried rice with shrimp   Kaeng Som - Spicy and Sour soup with tamarind juice.
Khao Phad Pla-Mueg - Fried rice with squid   Kaeng Pa-Nang - One kind of Red curry made with coconut milk and peanut.
Khao Phad Ta-Le - Fried rice with seafood   Phad - Sautéed

thai food

  Phad Phed - Spicy Sautéed made with red curry and many kind of herbs
  Praew Wan - Sweet and Sour
  Prik Gaprow - Fried with chili and basil leaves
  Ob Mor Din - Steamed in a pot
  Tod - Deep fried.


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