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Money / Exchange


Banks, ATM & Exchange Services

There are several Banks on Samui which accept all major currencies, traveler's cheques and credit cards. 
All offer ATM service (Automatic Teller Machine) which accept local bank cards as well as most international credit cards. ATM's are open from 0600h to app. 2400h. The maximum amount which can be withdrawn is 50,000 Baht per day
Banks & ATM's - Nathon
ATM Bangkok Bank Tel: 077 421 105
ATM Bangkok Metropolitan Bank Tel: 077 420 236
ATM Bank of Ayudhya Tel: 077 420 176
ATM Krung Thai Bank Tel: 077 421 504
ATM Siam City Bank Tel: 077 421 110
ATM Siam Commercial Bank Tel: 077 420 188
ATM Thai Farmers Bank Tel: 077 421 200
ATM Thai Military Bank Tel: 077 420 360
Banks & ATM's - Other Areas
ATM's can be found at all major places around the island. Banks have branches in Chaweng, Lamai and Bophut.
Exchange Service Booths are conveniently located all over the island and accept all major currencies and traveler's cheques.
Also most travel shops, supermarkets and hotels offer an exchange service but the rates are not as good as at the booths.

thai baht Thai Baht: 
Today's foreign exchange rates.

The Baht: Notes & Coins

thai baht
B1000 (gray

thai baht
B500 (purple)

thai baht
B100 (red)

thai baht
B50 (blue)

thai baht
B20 (green)

thai baht
B10 (brown)

The Baht: Notes & Coins
There are 100 Satangs in 1 Baht.(B=Baht)

There are 10, 5 and 1 Baht coins, 
and 50 and 25 Satang.
baht coin thai baht thai baht thai baht thai baht thai baht

Tip: There are several kinds of 5 Baht coins circulating. Just check the rim of the coin; if it is copper it's a 5 Baht coin.