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Traveling in Samui


Koh Samui offers you many possibilities to go from one place to the other. Most popular is renting a bicycle, a motorbike, a jeep or just hire a taxi.
This page will guide you how to explore the island by them.

In the old days, the only way to get from one beach to another beach on Samui was by motorcycle. The "roads" were really just dusty bullock, cart tracks but out of the jungle and in the rainy season they turned into long narrow swamps that were impassable to anything with four wheel. But in the last couple of years the provincial government has done a truly remarkable job of road building and now you can go from one end to for rent the other end of the island without ever losing sight of the ocean on wide, well-maintained roads. There are three types of motorcycle generally offered for rent on Samui. The most popular are the "Step through" these are small, usually no more than 100cc's, and have automatic transmission. If you want to rent, it will cost you around 150 - 250 Baht per day (24 hours). In the days before the new roads, the only type of bike offered for rent was the "dirt bike" and even though there are few places left on the island where knobby tires, low gear ratio and high center of gravity are necessary. It's almost always a single, mail tourist who rent them. This bikes are not recommended for the beginning rider. For rent this kind of motorbike, plan on paying 250 - 450 Baht per day (24 hours). Hotels in Chaweng Noi Beach area

The third choice for bike riders on Samui is the "chopper". These are big bikes, anywhere from 400 - 900 cc's made exclusively for highway touring. A chopper has a big power plant that can take you down hundreds of kilometers of tropical highway without strain, and seats that are almost as comfortable as those in any small car. Their only liabilities are the rental price, 1000 Baht per day and up (24 hours).

Jeep & Car
Another way to traveling around the island is driving a car. Samui offers you many cars for rent which can be easily found around the island; or just ask the hotel where you stay. For renting a jeep, it will cost you around 800 - 1500 Baht per day (24 hours). If you like it more comfortable you can rent a car from one of the bigger rental companies which delivers the car to your hotel or awaits you at the airport on your arrival. It is also a good way to discover Thailand as you can return the car everywhere in the country.

bycicle The cheapest vehicle you can rent is a bicycle, which will cost app. 100 Bath per day and you can have a lot of fun and a very special experience.

You don't feel very well driving around by yourself?
No problem; you can hire a taxi for 20 to 50 Baht per 10 km during the day. The taxi will cost 150 to 200 Baht at night time. You stop the taxis at the street or you will find them at the market place.

Driving safety tip

Renting the Vehicle.
Most rental companies will hold you responsible for any damages occurring while you are renting the vehicle. Make note on the contract of any dents, scratches or missing parts before you drive off with the vehicle. If you have never ridden a vehicle before, do not hesitate to ask for instruction. The roads of Koh Samui can be harsh training grounds for those who do not understand operating features of the vehicle. Make sure everything on the vehicle is functional. Brake lights and turning signals, low and height beams should working properly.

Wear a helmet
helmetThis point of safety cannot be stressed enough. Although it seems that the helmet law in effect on the island is enforced only in Nathon, there are other reasons other than stiff fines (500 Baht) that make wearing a helmet good practice.

helmetMore deaths occur from motorcycle accidents due to head injuries than any other cause. If you do go down on a motorcycle, your head is bound to hit either the road, a rock or another vehicle before any other part of your body. Ask your rental agency for an extra helmet if you plan on having a passenger on the vehicle.

Road Conditions
Riding a vehicle in any unfamiliar environment can be risky and Samui is no exception. As the island continues to grow, more and more construction and traffic will make the roads very dangerous and especially when traveling at night.
The shoulder of road i.e. the area to the immediate left of the road can be used as an emergency lane to avoid fast approaching traffic from behind. Be aware that these areas usually consist of loose gravel or sand and is sometimes eroded. Be careful when pulling off the side of the road and on to these shoulder areas. Care must also be taken driving around turns where gravel sometimes falls of construction trucks.

Right of Way
In many countries, any person or vehicle on a road or in a lane has the right of way. Such is not the case in Thailand and especially in Koh Samui. Yield at all times to oncoming traffic that may come over into your lane. Yield at all times to traffic coming from behind by moving over as far to the left of the lane as possible allowing plenty of passing room. You may need to, as mentioned before move onto the shoulder of the road. Use your mirrors. When wanting to pass another vehicle, use your horn in a polite manner i.e. a short honk will allow the person in front of you to know where you are. Make sure your high beam lights are off when approaching traffic at night.

General Tips
Keep your eyes on the road ahead, to the right, to the left and behind at all times. Be aware. Watch for people, animals and debris on the road. Here on Koh Samui more than anywhere else you will ever travel, driving defensively, staying focused and level headed is imperative for your survival. Courteous driving as hard as it may seem at times could be part of the solution to driving challenges on the island. Should you notice a company driver or hotel limousine service driving recklessly, Make note of the time and hotel name and phone number and call the General Manager to report the incident. Driving a vehicle on Koh Samui can undoubtedly enhance the experience of the island and your holiday stay but only if you know the risks and drive with safety and caution in mind. The island is yours to explore. Happy motoring. Hotels in Big Buddha Beach area