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Introduction ...
The Thai spa experience brings together a range of indigenous resources, folk wisdom and traditions that have been handed down through the centuries. It captures the very essence of traditional Thai living.

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Spa operators delve into this ancient treasure trove to create exceptional spa products so that alluring dimensions of this tropical paradise enrich the spa experience.

Gracious hospitality and service is complemented by the friendly and caring nature and gentle ways of the Thai people, adding a uniquely Thai touch to world-class service and hospitality. Kindness, compassion and the act of comforting and caring for others, as advocated by the Theravada Buddhist tradition, is very much part of everyday life. The gesture is instinctive and genuine. Hotels in Bang Po Beach area

ban sabai sunset beach spa samui Many of the healing techniques and well-being therapies featured on the contemporary spa menu have been adopted and adapted from such practices. These include natural healing a tradition based on the healing power of indigenous herbs and plants, holistic remedies specially formulated to restore balance and rejuvenate mind, body and spirit and a variety of other healing techniques, including meditative practices, which reflect deep-rooted Buddhist influences.

For example, the act of performing traditional Thai Massage is considered to be an act of compassion in which the healer (or therapist) practices the physical application of metta (loving kindness) and bestows a healing touch in the spirit of giving. The Thai spa experience thus enables guests to experience various aspects of Thai-ness.

ban sabai sunset beach spa samui With the growing number of spas worldwide offering an extensive range of treatments, it is interesting to know that massage is still the most frequently requested spa therapy. Massage is primarily about touch, and touch in itself has healing qualities. Despite the many techniques and principles, the effects, psychological and physiological, remain the same. Massaging the muscles relaxes and stimulates the circulation so that blood flows freely, carrying oxygen and nutrients to where they are needed. By working on the circulation, regular massage can help normalize blood pressure, easing the pressure on overburdened arteries and veins. Massage stimulates the lymphatic system which is responsible for nourishing cells, carrying waste products out of the body and defending the body against infection.

At the same time bodywork improves muscle and skin tone, stimulates the nervous system and improves overall body health. The treatment menu at a good spa will invariably include several types of massage. Many of the more popular ones including Thai Massage originated in the East. But whether Western or Eastern there are similarities in the techniques used, and often they consist of a combination of the different forms of bodywork. Hotels in Choeng Mon Beach area
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