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welcome to singburi
Heroes of Khai Bang Rachan Monument and Khai Bang Rachan Park
Heroes of Khai Bang Rachan Monument
and Khai Bang Rachan Park
Singburi is an interesting town of 142 kms. north of Bangkok and was probably founded in pre-historical period. In the reign of King Rama V through consolidation of 3 small towns located on the bank of The Chao Phraya River north of Ang Thong. The three small towns, Sing Buri, In Buri and Phrom Buri, were then established as a new town on the west of the Chao Phraya River named as Sing buri. Sing Buri currently occupies an area of 841.40 square kilometers and is administratively divided into 6 districts, Muang Sing Buri, In Buri, Bang Rachan, Khai Bang Rachan, Phrom Buri and Tha Chang.
North : Chainat and Nakhon Sawan South : Ang Thong
East : Lopburi West : Chainat and Suphan Buri
Distances to Other Provinces
Bang Rachan 10 km In Buri 17 km
Phrom Buri 16 km Tha Chang 18 km
Khai Bang Rachan 16 km    
Festivals & Events
Bang Rachan Heroes Memorial Fair
When : Early February
Where: Khai Bang Rachan Monument
Bang Rachan Heroes Memorial Fair
Bang Rachan Heroes Memorial Fair
Bang Racha Heroes Memorial Fair held annually to honor the heroic villagers. Activities include homage rituals to pay homage to the sculpture of Phra Achan Thammachot, historical about the heroes of Bang Rachan accompanied by Light and Sound Presentation, together with local entertainment and exhibition of Sing Buri's products.
Kam Fa Tradition
When : The 3td day of the waxing moon of the 3td month
Where: Phrom Buri District
This is tradition of the people of Thai Phuan in Phrom Buri District. It is intended to worship and commemorate the deity who guards the sky and controls the rain to fall seasonally. Before the 3td day of the waxing moon, villagers will join and make Khao Pun (rice vermicelli), Khao Chi (grilled rice), and Khao Lam (sweet sticky rice) for alms offering in the next morning. An auspicious ritual performed by Buddhist monks will be held in the evening when villagers will bring sticky rice, eggs, and sugar to participate. At night, there is enjoyable entertainment. On The 3td day of the waxing moon, the villagers will bring the prepared offerings and food to make merit at the temple. Seven days after the Kam Fa, another half day of the Kam Fa ritual is extended, and after five more days, food will be offered to monks. After that, a piece of firewood will be brought to float in the river, as a ritual to get rid of drought. This is done lastly to complete the Kam Fa ceremony.
Traditional Long-tailed Boat Race
When : September
Where: Mueang District
Traditional Long-tailed Boat Race is held annually in September on the Chao Phraya River in front of the old town hall. This exciting and colourful event attracts entries from many provinces viewing for the Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Trophy. Sing Buri Fish-Eating Fair
Sing Buri Fish-Eating Fair
Sing Buri Fish-Eating and Sing Buri Red Cross Fair
When : Late December
Where: City hall of Singburi
Being close to many natural water ways, Sing Buri is well known for abundant fish particularly the Mae La catfish. The province is also where the Khrua Hua Pa recipe originated. The fair features some of Song Buri best culinary creation, usually held in late December each year.