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songkhla attractions
Park & National Park
Hat Yai City Municipality Park
Location : Amphoe Mueang
The park is located on Kanchanawanit Road and is approximately 6 km from the city center on the Hat Yai-Songkhla Highway. A popular recreational spot for the local residents, the park is beautifully decorated with colorful flowers. With a pavilion in the middle of the pond, an aviary, and food stalls, the park is the perfect place to spend a peaceful evening. Additional attractions include a statue of King Rama V that is enshrined at the foot of the hill near the aviary, a hill-top Brahman shrine and a jade statue of Guan-yin, the Chinese Goddess situated, at the southern foothill near the boy-scout camp.
Pa Prem
Location : Amphoe Mueang
Recreational Garden (Suan Pa Prem) The garden is located on the shore near the head of the first section of Tinnasulanon Bridge (From Baan Nam Krachai to Koh Yo). This lakeside garden is filled with flowering and ornamental plants and provides shady and cool area for picnic. It also features a children's playground.
Khu Khut Water Fowl Park
Location : Amphoe Sathing Phra
Established as a wildlife refuge on 19 April 1976, the park occupies an area of 227,916 rais (91,166 acres) in both Songkhla and Phatthalung Provinces. In fact this Park is part of Tha-le Sap Songkhla or Songkhla Lake. The survey taken by the Royal Forestry Department discovered 44 families, 137 genus, and 219 species of birds. The best times to view the birds are from December to March. Boats are provided by the park office. This Park is situated at Mu 4, Tambon Khu Khut, about 55 km from Songkhla, on Highway 4083 and 3 km from the highway into the park.
Khao Nam Khang National Park
Location : Amphoe Na Thawi
This Park, covered with verdant forests, is where two magnificent waterfalls namely Ton Dat Fa and Ton Lat Fa are located. There are two routes to the park: from Amphoe Sadao the distance is 26 km or from Amphoe Na Thawi on the Na Thawi-Ban Prakop Road with a distance of 31 km. For more information, please call Amphoe Na Thawi Office at 0 7437 1010.
Natural Attractions
Khao Tang Kuan
Location : Amphoe Mueang
Another charming attraction located at Laem Samila is Khao Tang Kuan. This is the location of the famous Sala Vihan Daeng, the royal pavilion built during the reign of King Rama V. An additional attraction is a hill-top Dvaravati chedi housing the Lord Buddha's relics that was built during the Nakhon Si Thammarat Empire. From this hilltop, visitors can admire a panoramic view of the city and the Songkhla Lake. Every October, there is a festival to drape the chedi with a cloth and to offer alms to monks who descend to the foot of the mountain to receive alms. In addition, monks travelling by boat from other temples in Songkhla would proceed along the waterfront so that the local residents can offer alms and pull their boats, which is considered highly merited.
Samila Beach
Location : Amphoe Mueang
Samila Beach Located in the City Municipality, about 2.5 km from the fresh market (Thalat Supsin or Thalat Sot Thetsaban), the peninsula is renowned for its powdery sandy beach, shady pine groves, and the statue of a mermaid Songkhla's most famous landmark. It is easily accessible via Hat Yai-Songkhla buses. From the city, visitors can take a minibus directly to the beach.
Laem Son Onn
Location : Amphoe Mueang
A peninsula situated to the northwest of Laem Samila that is naturally shaded with sea pines. At the end of the peninsula is the statue of Prince Chumphon Khet Udomsak, 28th son of King Rama V and founder of the Royal Thai Navy. The best view of Ko Nu and Songkhla Lake can be spotted from here.
Cat and Rat Island
Location : Amphoe Mueang
Perhaps the most well-known symbol of Songkhla province, both islands are located off the shore of Laem Samila. According to the legend, a dog, a cat, and a mouse, traveling on a Chinese sampan stole the merchant's magic crystal and tried unsuccessfully to swim ashore and drowned. The mouse and cat became the islands in the Songkhla Lake while the dog died on the shore and became the hill called Hin Khao Tang Kuan near the bay. Totally destroyed, the crystal then became the white sandy beach called Hat Sai Kaeo which literally means crystal sand beach.
Kao Seng
Location : Amphoe Mueang
Kao Seng Approximately three km to the south of the famous Hat Samila is Kao Seng fishing village, which has one of the most beautiful beaches in Songkhla. Along the coastline are several pieces of rocks, one of which stands out above the cliff. The local residents refer to that rock as "Hua Nai Raeng". Kao Seng is a corruption of the name derived from the Thai word "Kao Saen", referring to the nine hundred thousand bahts treasure that is buried under Hua Nai Raeng. Kao Seng can be reached via the road to the National Coastal Aquaculture Institute.
Kao Noi
Location : Amphoe Mueang
Located in proximity to Laem Samila, this small hill has a hiking path that wind up to the top where the statue of Prince Lop Buri Ramet (The Southern Viceroy) is situated. There is a viewpoint where it is possible to enjoy a panoramic view of the city. On the northeast is Suan Seri (Seri Park), a nicely landscaped park decorated with ornamental plants in animal shapes. Tamnak Khao Noi, on the south, was built in 1911 as the residence of Prince Lop Buri Ramet and was used by Their Majesties the King and Queen on a visit to the south in March 1959. Today the mansion is the residence of the Songkhla Provincial Governor.
Songkhla Lake
Location : Amphoe Mueang
Songkhla Lake This lake is the largest lake in Thailand covering an area of approximately 80 km long and 20 to 25 km wide in Songkhla and Phatthalung Provinces. In addition, it is the only natural, fresh-water lake in Thailand. Several islands across from its mouth namely, Ko Yai, Ko Si, Ko Ha, Ko Kaeo, Ko Mak, Ko Rai, and Ko Yo are worth visiting for relaxation. Boat services are available for touring the lake. The port behind the post office or the fresh market has all-day long-tailed boat services.
Ko Yo
Location : Amphoe Sing Nakhon
A small island in the Songkhla Lake that has recently become an important tourist attraction in Songkhla. Covering an area of 9,275 rais (3,710 acres), the island is accessible via the Tinsulanond Bridge. Geographically, the islands coastal plain is suitable for agriculture such as a special kind of jackfruit called Jampada. Another famous island product is its hand-woven fabric.
Maharat Beach
Location : Amphoe Sathing Phra
The beach is located 500 meters from the Sathing Phra District Office. The 3 km long beach with crystal sand is serene and an enjoyable location for swimming. It is lined with pine trees, providing cool shade for relaxation.
Tone Nga Chang Waterfall
Location : Amphoe Rattaphum
Tone Nga Chang Waterfall Located in the Ton Nga Chang Wildlife Sanctuary, about 28 km from the city, this 7-tiered waterfall is one of the beautiful waterfalls of the south. The waterfall offers scenic views, with the third level being the most beautiful as the stream is separated into two, resembling the elephants' tusks. Trekking trails are provided for tourists with adventurous hearts.

To reach the waterfall by car, follow the Hat Yai-Rattaphum Road for 13 km, then turn left at Ban Hu Rae and proceed for another 13 km. Alternatively, a tuk-tuk can be hired to take visitors to the waterfall. On the other hand, visitors can also take the minibus from the fresh market (Talat Sot Thet Sa Ban Hat Yai).

Boriphat Waterfall
Location : Amphoe Rattaphum
This waterfall is located in Amphoe Rattaphum on Highway 406 (Hat Yai - Satun) at Km. 35-36. A 1 km road leads to the small and beautiful waterfall.
Holy Well
Location : Amphoe Krasae Sin
It is located at Moo 4, Tambon Koh Yai, 7 km from the District Office. The legend says that a Buddhist monk named Phra Sin Narai and a layman called Khoon Vichai Bhrama Sarn traveled from India to the Kingdom of Ayutthaya and on their way they stopped over and dug a well here, claimed to be sacred. The water in the well runs abundantly all year long.
Sakom Beach
Location : Amphoe Thepha
The beach is set amidst white powdery sand and shady trees, which makes it highly suitable for relaxation. Travelers can hire a fishing vessel to Ko Kham, which is just 2 km offshore and is a perfect place to go fishing. Food and accommodation are available for tourists. This beach is about 53 km from Amphoe Muang Songkhla, on the Songkhla-Chana-Thepha Highway
Roo Noksak Cave
Location : Amphoe Saba Yoi
The cave is located 14 km from the District Office at Moo 4, Tambon Khooha, Amphoe Sabayoi. A crystal clear stream flows along the cave. Stalagmites and stalactites of various shapes and forms are most fascinating for visitors. Part of the 300 metres long cave is dark while the other is bright. Trekking through the cave is quite adventurous since trekkers have to climb some steep cliffs in order to complete the exciting journey.
Zoo & Amusement Park
Songkhla Zoo
Location : Amphoe Mueang
Songkhla Zoo Located on the Songkhla-Chana Highway, Tambon Khao Rup Chang, this open- zoo was established with an aim to preserve Thai wildlife. When they are ready, the wildlife will be returned to the wild. The zoo occupies a hilly area with an asphalt ring road. Various animals which have been grouped separately, such camels, birds, red gaur, tigers, crocodiles, etc., are major residents here. One of the highlights in the zoo that should not to be missed is the scenic viewpoint overlooking the whole city of Songkhla. Food stalls are available. For more information please call 0 7432 5037-8.
Other Attractions
Baan Sattha (Home of Faith)
Location : Amphoe Mueang
The hill-top house overlooking the Tinsulanond Bridge that connects Ko Yo was built in 1991 and was completed in 1996. Surrounded by coconut plantations, the compound was built by local residents to honor H.E. Prem Tinsulanond, the Privy Councilor and Statesman, when he was Prime Minister. H.E. Prem graciously returned the house to the people of Songkhla.
Tinnasulanon Bridge
Location : Amphoe Mueang
Tinnasulanon Bridge The bridge, which is the longest concrete bridge in Thailand, spans Songkhla Lake and is part of Highway 408. The bridge has two parts with the first part connecting the coast of Amphoe Muang Songkhla at Ban Nam Krachai to the southern coast of Koh Yo for a total distance of 1,140 metres. The second part connects the northern shore of Koh Yo to the coast of Ban Khao Khiao for a total distance of 1,800 metres. It was opened to traffic on 25 September 1986.
Hat Yai
Location : Amphoe Hat Yai
Hat Yai, which is situated approximately 28 km from the city of Songkhla, is an important gateway to Malaysia and Singapore. Strategically located only 60 km from the port of entry at Sadao, Hat Yai has only recently been developed and has rapidly been transformed into the commercial, transportation, communication, educational, and tourism hub of the south. Tourists enjoy shopping at Hat Yai for various goods ranging from fresh produce to consumer products such as electrical appliances. The area of Niphat Uthit 1, 2, or 3 Roads is where major commercial shops are located. Several shopping centers available include Lido Shopping Center, Odeon Shopping Center, Sanehanuson, Hat Yai Plaza Shopping Center, and Si Kimyong Market on Phetkasem Road.
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