A Guide to Southern Provinces of Thailand

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Southern Provinces

Krabi Phuket Koh Samui
A Guide to Southern Thailand
Southern Thailand is located on the peninsula embraced by the Andaman Sea of the Indian Ocean to the West and the Gulf of Thailand to the East. The region has a kaleidoscope of spectacular sceneries including the world’s famous white sandy beaches and beautiful islands on both sides of the peninsula. There are also national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, mountains, waterfalls and historical sites. The landmarks of the region are not limited only on the mainland, the underwater world offers prolific marine life and stunning underwater landscape. The region’s unique cultures and traditions also make this region a charming destination. Thanks to the domestic and international airports in Phuket, Krabi, Hat Yai, Surat Thani and Koh Samui which facilitate travelling to the region more conveniently.
Chumphon Ranong Phang-Nga Surat Thani Koh Samui Koh Phangan Koh Tao Krabi Nakhon Si Thammarat Trang Phattalung Songkhla Satun Pattani Yala Narathiwat Phuket Southern Region map  
Phuket Phuket (ภูเก็ต):
Phuket is Thailands largest island, approximately the size of Singapore. Phuket nestles in balmy Andaman Sea waters on Thailand's Indian Ocean coastline 862 kilometers south of Bangkok.

Phuket is blessed with magnificent coves and bays, white beaches, island-dotted seas, superb accommodations and delightful architecture. Phuket has numerous sporting and leisure opportunities; a lush tropical landscape - all of which combine to create a delightful ambience for truly memorable holidays
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Chumphon Chumphon (ชุมพร):
Chumphon is a sea coast city parallel to the Gulf of Thailand and is the gateway to other southern provinces. Along more than 200 kilometres of Chumphons seashore, there are many beautiful and picturesque beaches. Still maintaining the natural beauty, the province is best for those who seek relaxation in the natural and uniquely quiet atmosphere.

Attractions include beaches, islands, national parks, waterfalls, caves with beautiful stalagmites and stalactites and mountains. Chumphon is also a hub for travellers going to or coming from divers paradise Koh Tao. Accommodation range from hotels and resorts to guesthouses and is readily available.
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Ranong Ranong (ระนอง):
A mountainous and heavily forested province, Ranong is best known as a fishing and trading port and contains various natural attractions and is blessed with hot springs and unspoiled mangrove forests.

Ranong town is a gateway to Myanmar and the famous hot springs are just outside of town, where an arboretum and various first-class hotels cater to visitors eager to benefit from the mineral waters. Some small islands of the coast, like Koh Phayam, welcome visitors with a quiet, unspoiled tropical island ambiance and basic accommodations are available. They also provide excellent game fishing, snorkeling and diving.
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Phang Nga Phang Nga (พังงา):
Phang-nga, located app. 800km from Bangkok, is a province with two characters - land and sea - and packed with national parks that guard magnificent scenery with immensely different attractions. Most famous is Ao Phang-nga National Park, a geological wonder filled with islets, sunken caverns and startling rock formations rising sheer out of the sea. The bay is extremely sheltered ideal for expeditions of sea canoes to explore the many fascinating caverns.

Phang-nga's andaman coast offers parks of a different kind. The island groups of Surin and Similan are renowned for their beautiful unspoilt beaches and spectacular underwater scenery, attracting divers from around the world. Khao Lak is a coastal park full of birds, mammals and scenic waterfalls, and most hotels and resorts of the province are located here on the pristine beaches.
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Surat Thani Surat Thani (สุราษฎร์ธานี):
The largest province of south Thailand and with numerous islands along the coast makes Surat Thani a perfect hideaway for vacationers from around the world. The best known islands are Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao as well as the Angthong National Marine Park.

On the mainland 6 national Parks offer scenic spots, rare wildlife, waterfalls and activities like elephant trekking. There are some hotels in Surat Thani Town for a stop-over before going to the islands or parks as well as restaurants and shopping opportunities. Attractions in town are limited to Thai and Chinese temples.
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Koh Samui Koh Samui (เกาะสมุย):
At 247 square kilometres, Koh Samui is Thailand's third largest island and has become one of South East Asia’s top five most visited tourist destinations.

Along with the island’s established infrastructure including international educational and medical facilities, a wide choice of high street shopping brands, exquisite dining venues, boutique resorts, hotels for all budgets and beautiful white sandy beaches, Koh Samui stands out as one of the jewels in Thailand’s illustrious crown.

The neighbouring islands of Koh Phangan, Koh Tao and the breathtaking Ang Thong National Marine Park offer visitors a wide range of activities such as sailing, scuba diving, snorkelling and adventure excursions as well as accommodations ranging from bungalows to 4 star resorts.
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Sing Buri Koh Phangan (เกาะพงัน):
Koh Phangan, world famous for the monthly full moon party at Hat Rin beach, still has some remote beaches with a laid-back atmosphere if you are not in a party mood. These are mostly in the northern part of the island and some can be reached only by boat or a walk on a dirt road through the jungle.

In recent years more hotels, from simple bungalows to 4 stars resorts, have been built to respond to everybody’s idea of an unforgettable beach vacation. In the fullmoon party period many of them require a 3 to 5 days stay.

Enjoy a relaxing massage in one of the spas, explore the underwater world or meditate at the hilltop temple called Wat Khao Tham. Wether you are in party mood or just want to relax Koh Phangan can deliver what you are looking for. Koh Phangan can easily be reached by boat from Koh Samui in 30 minutes.
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Koh Tao Koh Tao (เกาะเต่า):
Koh Tao, or Turtle Island, is a divers paradise just a 2 hour boat ride north of Koh Samui and the best dive site in the Golf of Thailand. Beautiful bays withtropical resorts and crystal clear water surround the island and it is only a step from your hotel room to the colorful underwater world.

There are plenty of diving schools to refresh your skills or you can take a longtail boat to magical Koh Nang Yuan for a day of snorkeling. After sunset enjoy a delicious seafood dinner, have a drink in one of the bars and clubs at the beach and go shopping for some souvenirs. Koh Tao can be reached by boat from Chumphon or Surat Thani via Koh Samui and Koh Phangan in app. 2 hours depending on weather conditions and boat type.
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Krabi Krabi (กระบี่):
Krabi is the perfect getaway destination at the Andaman Sea with stunning limestone cliffs, beautiful beaches like Ao Nang and Railay and more than 130 islands including the most famous - Koh Phi Phi and Koh Lanta.

Enjoy relaxing days at one of the tropical hotels and resorts available and visit the natural beauty of waterfalls and caves and other attractions. The more active ones can try some rock climbing, sailing, kayaking, diving and snorkeling or just spend a day or two for island hopping. Krabi has everything on offer for a fantastic and unforgettable holiday experience.
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Nakhon Si Thammarat Nakhon Si Thammarat (นครศรีธรรมราช):
Nakhon Si Thammarat is the second largest province of the South and is 780 kilometres from Bangkok, and the walled town of Nakhon Si Thammarat is one of Thailand's oldest cities.

In addition to its great history, Nakhon Si Thammarat boasts pristine verdant jungles abundant with luxuriant vegetation and is also noted for picturesque beaches and beautiful waterfalls. The national parks in the province provide opportunities for hiking and rafting and some caves with Stalactites and stalagmites of strange shapes can be explored. Accommodations are plentiful either in town or on one of the many beaches. The parks offer campgrounds where tents are available for visitors.
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Trang Trang (ตรัง):
Trang has breathtaking islands and astounding beaches along the coast as well as awe-inspiring inland limestone - propped mountains. The province consists of an archipelago in the Andaman Sea with over 46 islands including the Mu Ko Petra National Park.

In the last years many hotels and resorts where build on the beautiful islands - Koh Mook, Koh Libong, Koh Kradan and Koh Sukorn - to accommodate the increasing numbers of tourists visiting the area looking for a relaxed, tranquil ambience. On the mainland you can discover old Buddhist temples shown in caves or you can take a bath in the many pools formed by the crystal clear waterfalls in the jungles there.
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Phattalung Phattalung (พัทลุง):
Phatthalung is an ancient city in southern Thailand, app. 850km from Bangkok, and the town sits on the west bank of Songkhla lake. It is a land of mountains and is regarded as the birthplace of the shadow play and the Nora dance.

To get a panoramic view of the province visiters can go up the stairs of Khao Ok Thalu, a 250 meter high mountain in the prvincial capital which is clearly visible from afar. Phattalung is, apart from Nakhon Si Thammarat, the only province where the Thai shadow play tradition still remains and performances take place during temple fairs.
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Satun Satun (สตูล):
Satun is a small province in the south of Thailand that borders Malaysia, facing the Andaman Sea. The province possesses renowned picturesque islands with verdant forests and mountainous land.

Most tourists head out to the pristine islands of Tarutao National Park. Its landscape is full of underwater peaks, excellent beaches, calm and peaceful coves, jungle and mangrove swamps. Snorkelling can be found at Lipe island, the land of the sea gypsies, while neighbour Adang island is stunning with forest, hills and waterfalls.

Around Satun, there are plenty of interesting sights, including dove farms, forest parks and huge waterfalls. Thale Ban National Park is famous for its abundant wildlife with many waterfalls and caves worth visiting.
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Songkhla Songkhla (สงขลา):
Songkhla, one of Thailand's important ports and coastal provinces, is located 950 kilometers from Bangkok. Songkhla has fine beaches, enchanting waterfalls, and a tranquil lake,while Hat Yai, the major district of the province, serves as a transportation and communications hub of the South.

Hat Yai and Songkhla can be ideal places for the tourist to visit with an abundance of tourist attractions and an amazing range of seaside resort towns with hotels for all budgets.
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Pattani Pattani (ปัตตานี):
Pattani is a small province among the five so-called Southern Border Provinces. Blessed with irresistible charms it is rich in historical significance including impressive customs and traditions.

The natural scenic beauty of its streams and falls, the 170 kms. long golden beaches along the Gulf of Thailand and wonderful hospitality of the Pattani people makes it a worthwhile holiday destination. There are several tourism resources of nature, historical ancient places, and traditional culture which have been the integration of Thai, Chinese and Islam.
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Yala Yala (ยะลา):
Yala is the southern-most province of Thailand and is the only landlocked province in the south. Yala is the border province with many interesting facets: history, culture, and beautiful scenery and is mostly mountains and covered with forests. Attractions include waterfalls, temples, a hot spring and the largest mail box with a hight of 9 meter as well as the largest mosque in Thailand.

Every year in March the ASEAN Dove Competition is held here joined by Dove raising clubs from all over Asia.
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Narathiwat Narathiwat (นราธิวาส):
Located app. some 1,149 kilometers south of Bangkok is Narathiwat the southernmost province in Thailand. Visitors to the province are provided with great opportunities to spend days at the beach or in the forests and take excursion trips to some of the magnificent temples.

With Su-ngai Kolok serving as an economic and border tourism center, the province welcomes an increasing numbers of Malaysians and Singaporeans on short holidays or shopping sprees. The city of Narathiwat has an abundance of traditional culture and authenticity with village-like tranquility. As such, Narathiwat is an amazing and unique area with a constant flow of culture and trade between Thais and Malaysians
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