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Wat Khao Di Salak
Wat Khao Di Salak
Just 100 km away from Bangkok, Suphan Buri is an ancient town rich in natural and historical heritage. The province was once an important border town involving battles and important wars during the period of the Ayutthaya kingdom. So, today, travelling around the province is like drifting through historical novels. Historical evidence leads you to travel to the past such as Don Chedi Monument, Wat Khao Khuen whose abbot played a significant role in Thai history, U Thong National Museum, etc. Furthermore, various natural wonders such as Phu Toei National Park, Bueng Chawak Aquarium, as well as the famous local-style cake Sali Suphan always impress visitors.

Suphan Buri occupies a total area of 5,358 sq km and is administratively divided into 10 districts (Amphoes); Mueang Suphan Buri, Doem Bang Nang Buat, Bang Pla Ma, Si Prachan, Song Phi Nong, Sam Chuk, U Thong, Don Chedi, Dan Chang and Nong Ya Sai.
North : Chainat and Uthai Thani
South : Nakhon Pathom
East : Angthong, Phranakhon Si Ayutthaya and Sing Buri
West : Kanchanaburi
Distances to Other Provinces
Angthong 44 km Chainat 96 km
Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya 68 km Nakhon Pathom 105 km
Sing Buri 84 km Nakhon Sawan 160 km
Kanchanaburi 91 km    

Distances from Mueang District to Other Districts
Bang Pla Ma 10 km Doem Bang Nang Buat 54 km
Si Prachan 20 km Nong Ya Sai 58 km
Don Chedi 31 km Song Phi Nong 70 km
U Thong 32 km Dan Chang 77 km
Sam Chuk 39 km    
Festivals & Events
Don Chedi Memorial and Red Cross Fair
When : January
Where : Don Chedi District
This annual fair is held for 10 days to commemorate the glorious victory of King Naresuan the Great over the Burmese troops. Activities include a light and sound show of the elephant war, a Don Chedi Beauty Pageant (with contestants in epic costume), a fair of both government and private organizations and other stage performances.
Suphan Buri Candle Festival
When : July - August
Where: Mueang District
The Pansa Procession of Suphan Buri will held to rejuvenate the tradition, the religious culture and to expose the distinguishing uniqueness of ancient places, antiques and the way of life of many tribal people in Suphan Buri. Along with the festival, there will be folk cultural performances and the smoothness of the dancing. The participants of the event can also view the Pansa candles contest, the processions contest, the arrangement of candles on the cars and the cultural performances of the College of Arts.
Suphan Buri Tingkajad Festival
When : August - September
Where: Mueang District
The merit-making festival is held annually around August - September in the municipal area. Thousands of poor people always gather for free food and necessities. Activities available during this festival include Chinese parade, shopping market, Loy Krathong, making merit activities by Chinese monk, donations, and Chinese exhibitions.