Surat Thani National Parks, Travel Guide to National Parks of Surat Thani

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Surat Thani National Park
National Park
Khao Tha Phet Wildlife and Nature Education Station
Location : Mueang District

Khao Tha Phet Wildlife and Nature Education Station covers 1,162 acres and the station houses many caged wild animals. The hilltop, some 210 metres above sea level, offers panoramic views of Ban Don municipality, the Tapi River and Ban Don Bay. On Khao Tha Phet is also located the stupa named Phra That Si Surat or locally known as Phra That Khao Tha Phet which houses Buddha relics donated by the Indian government some 30 years ago. Hotels in Surat Thani Area

How to get there : Located about 6 kilometers from town along the Surat - Nasan Road by take highway no. 4009.
Tai Rom Yen National Park
Location : Ban Na San District
Tai Rom Yen National Park covers areas in Ban Na San, Kanchanadit and Wiang Sa Districts with a total area of 265,625 rai of land and was declared a national park on 31 December 1991. The park is surrounded by lush virgin forests where rare plants can be found. The mountains peak, covered by mist all year round as well as is the origin of river such as Chawang River, Lamphun River, Namtao River and Tan River. Wild animals for examples elephants, mountain goats, tapirs, chevrotains, wild boars, etc. can also be spotted here. Interesting attractions include Dard Fa Waterfall, Muang Thuat Waterfall, Khamin Cave naturally decorated with stalactites and stalagmites. The weather in the area has two seasons, which are rainy season from May to December and summer from January to April.

How to get there : From Surat Thani Province along highway 4009 (Surat Thani - Ban Na San) about 30 kilometers to Ban Chiang Phra and then turn left opposite to Khuan Suban School for further 15 kilometers to the National Park and Dat Fa Waterfall which total distance about 45 kilometers.
Kaeng Krung National Park
Location : Vibhavadi District
The beautiful sceneries park is about 541 squares kilometers, consists two complicated mountain ranges which is source of Luangsuan River in the north and Klongyan Canal in the south. Most of the area is soil-mountain which has tin be an important and valuable mineral. This place there are many great places suitable for relaxing such as Bang Cham Waterfall, Hot Water Pond, Klong-Pa Waterfall, Banghoy waterfall, etc. Most of the area is rain forest so that causes rain all the year round and the temperature is quite cold.

How to get there : Drive 700 kilometers from Bangkok to Surat Thani Province, and 120 kilometers from Surath Thani Province to Thachana District, and then turn left to Bankanthulee about 25 kilometers from Kang Krung National Park Office.
Khlong Yan Wildlife Sanctuary
Location : Vibhavadi District
Khlong Yan Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the west of Surat Thani between Khao Sok and Kaeng Krung National Park. The park is tropical rain forest covered by forest all year round. Major attraction is the beautiful waterfall "Vibhavadi Waterfall". The weather in the area has two seasons, which are rainy season from April to November and summer from December to March.

How to get there : Situated in Vibhavadi District, 45 kilometers along the Highway 41 with 26 kilometers left turn to Vibhavadi Minor District. Further on for about 10 kilometers, then turn right for another 8 kilometers, one will get to the sanctuary.
Khao Sok National Park
Location : Phanom District
Khao Sok National Park
Khao Sok National Park
Khao Sok National Park is very popular place both Thai and Foreigner which it is one of the most beautiful national parks in Thailand. Khao Sok National Park is a virgin rainforest surrounded by limestone mountain ranges and high cliffs, established as a national park in 1980. The park has a total area of 738.74 square kilometers, which covers parts of the Khlong Yee and Khlong Pra Sang forests as well as portions of the Krai Son and the Khao Pung sub-districts in the district of Ban Ta Khun and the Khlong Sok and Panom sub – districts in the province of Suratthani. The main attractions in the park include Namtok Mae Yai and Namtok Sip Ed Chan which can be reached by car while other waterfalls and caves are accessible by foot.

The area is home to wildlife animals like elephants, leopard, serow, langurs, tigers and bear. Rare flowers can also be found here, but what most visitors are looking forward to see is the Bua Phut or Rafflesia kerri meyer, a flower which can only be found here and is claimed as the largest flower in the world with its diameter reaching up to 80 centimeters when in full bloom during October and December. Note that a 5-8 hour walk is required to see such flower. The park’s and other entrepreneur’s bungalows, camping area and raft-houses are available at the park.

How to get there:
By Car : If you choose to drive here simply follow highway route number 401, which is also known as the Surat Thani-Takuapa road. Turn right at the 109 kilometers stone and drive along for another 2 kilometre or until you see the park’s headquarters. If your desired is the Ratchaprapa Dam just turn right to a road at the kolometer stone number 57th - 58th kilometers after route number 109. Take this road for another 12 kilometers or until you reach the dam.

By Bus : Route Number 444 (air condition bus) transportation to: Krabi - Phangnga - Khao Lak - Takuapa - Khao Sok National Pak. The bus will depart from Khao Sok bus station at daily 09.00 a.m.
Contact : Tel. 0 7739 5154
Hotels : Hotels in Khao Sok Area
Khlong Phanom National Park
Location : Phanom District
Khlong Phanom is high mountain range and has many steep bare cliffs. Khlong Phanom is a vital water source for surrounding communities and towns. All the streams from Khlong Phanom converge creating the Khlong Sok River. It moist evergreen forest covered with dense trees. It’s surrounding of flora which mostly economical valued tree and habitat of variety animals.

Generally climate of Khlong Phanom is abundant rain all year round because it’s under influence of northeast monsoon and southwest monsoon and also the area is high mountain ranges covered with thick forest. Climate be divided into 2 seasons, rainy season starts from May - December, it hardly rain during August - October, summer starts January to April with the highest temperature in first - second week of April.

How to get there : Khlong Phanom is along the Route 401, Surat Thani to Dagua Baa. Turn left to Khlong Phanom at km. 90 on Route 401. The Headquarters is a further 50 kilometers down this road.
Contact : Tel. 0 7791 8559
Mu Ko Ang Thong National Park
Location : Koh Samui District
Mu Ko Ang Thong National Park
Mu Ko Ang Thong National Park
Mu Ko Ang Thong National Park is one of the most beautiful national parks in Thailand which composed of 42 separate islands on total area of 102 square kilometers of which about only 18 square kilometers is land. The main islands of Mu Ko Ang Thong such as Phaluai Island, Wua Chio Island, Wua Talap Island, Mae Ko Island, Samsao Island, Phai Luak Island, Kha Island and Hindap Island. The most spectacular viewpoint is located at the top of Koh Wua Ta Lap which needs some climbing effort, but is worth seeing the infinite panoramic view of the Gulf of Thailand. Another highlight is in Koh Mae Ko with a huge emerald lagoon situated in the middle of the limestone mountain.

Mae Koh island is another highlight of Mu Koh Ang Thong. Likewise the breathtaking view always comes with little obstacle. Visitors need to waste their sweat a little before reaching Thale Nai (Inner Sea), which is the great viewpoint. A huge emerald lagoon, situated in the middle of the limestone mountains which gradually subside into an inland bay amidst the island. Inner Lagoon is another startling attraction in the world which is worth visiting.

How to get there:
By Car : Use national road number 35 (Thonburi - Paktho) from Bangkok to national road number 4 pass Phetchaburi province, Chumphon province, and Prachuap Khiri Khan province to national road number 41 to Surat Thani province, approximately 644 kilometers. (Bangkok to Koh Samui air-bus fare = 745 Baht) Go on to Donsak District and on board a ferry from Donsak District for another 60 kilometers.

By Airplane : By Thai Airline Public Co, Ltd. from Bangkok to Surat Thani province. The airfare is 2,055 Baht. By Bangkok Airway Co, Ltd. from Bangkok to Koh Samui. The airfare is 3,180 Baht. There is return flight every day, and about 1:15 hour a trip.

By Ship : Traveler can set off from Koh Samui to Mu Ko Ang Thong National Park about 35 kilometers with 1,100 Baht a person by taxi-boat (tour boat).

By Train : From Bangkok (Hua Lam Phong) to Phunphin Train Station, and take a bus to Surat Thani Province and go further by bus of Surat Thani - Koh Samui.

By Bus : Take a bus from Surat Thani to Koh Samui District about 84 kilometers with the air-bus fair = 210 Baht a person. From Ban-Don Seaport, Surat Thani Province, to Koh Samui at 05.00 am. And at 09.00 pm. from Koh Samui to Surat Thani Province at 04.00 am.
Contact : Tel. 0 7739 5154