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Welcome to Tak
On traveling to Tak Province, expect to discover a place with long history, where nature wonders are magnificently enhanced by ethnic diversity. Mostly forest and mountainous,Tak is a northern province peacefully situated on the Mae Nam Ping basis; cover the area of 16,406 sq.km., and is 426 km.north of Bangkok. Tak province has the Asian Highway that runs from thailand’s western border toward the northeastern region at Chong Mek (Mae Sot – Sukhothai – phitsanulok – Ubon Ratchathani - laos). Apart from Tak’s military and economic importance, the province is also an environmental and cultural center with magnificent forest, spectacular waterfalls and caves and fascinating hill tribes such as Karen.
North : Mae Hong Son, Chiang Mai, Lampoon and Lampang
South : Uthai Thani and Kanchanaburi
East : Borders on Sukhothai, Nakhon Sawan, Kampang Phet and Uthai Thani
West : Borders on Myanmar, with the Moei River and the Thanon Thong Chai Mountain ranges as a borderline
Distances to Other Provinces
Kampang Phet 68 km Phichit 157 km
Sukhothai 79 km Nakorn Sawan 185 km

Distances from Amphoe Mueang to Other Districts
Ban Tak 22 km Mae Ramat 120 km
Wang Chao 38 km Phop Phra 135 km
Sam Ngao 56 km Tha Song Yang 170 km
Mae Sot 86 km Umphang 251 km
Festivals & Events
Bun Bang Fai Festival
When: May
Where: Amphoe Wang Chao
Thai Loi Krathong Sai Festival
Thai Loi Krathong Sai Festival
Rocket Festival or "Boon Bang Fai" in Thai is usually held in the second week of May of each year, at the beginning of the rainy season. The farmers are ready to cultivate their paddy fields. The festival is popularly celebrated in the northeastern people of Amphoe Wang Chao in Tak. The celebration is an entreaty to the rain god for plentiful rains during the coming rice planting season. The festival itself owes its beginning to a legend that a rain god named Vassakan was known for his fascination of being worshipped with fire. To receive plentiful rains for rice cultivation, the farmers send the home-made rockets to the heaven where the god resided. The festival has been carried out till these days.
Khuen That Duean Kao Tradition
When: 14 th day and full moon of the seven waxing moon (End of May – Begin of June)
Where: Wat Phraborommathat Amphoe Ban Tak
This merit making event is held to worship the Lord Buddha’s relics on the fourteenth waxing moon day and the full moon day of the ninth lunar month of Thailand’s North, which coincides with the seventh lunar month of Thailand in general, or around late May or in June. There are processions of long drums, offerings, money donation trees, ‘Pha Pa’ robe trees and victory flags, and a robe to cover Phrathat (the pagoda where the Lord Buddha’s relics are enshrined), starting from Nong Lem, Saphan Bun, to Wat Phra Borommathat. A ceremony is held to offer the pagoda robe. On this occasion, a ritual is done to propitiate the Chedi (pagoda) built to the north of the temple by King Ramkhamhaeng to mark his successful elephant-back fight against Khun Sam Chon, the ruler of the city of Chot. Also, the traditional merit-making by giving offerings to Buddhist monks is held at the temple.
1000 of Floating Lantens (Thai Loi Krathong Sai Festival )
When: Full moon of Twelve (November)
Where: Amphoe Mueang
Khuen That Duean Kao Tradition
Khuen That Duean Kao Tradition
The Tradition of Loi Krathong Sai is the intelligence herilage of local Tak people for gradurations. It originaled from the ancestor’s creativity combined with local wisdom before becoming the valuable tradition. The uniqueness of Krathong Sai at Muang Tak is the production of krathongs made of the coconut shells, recycled from Thai cooking ingrediets, especially in "Sai Mieng" the famous local snack. After coconut contents are removed, a lot of coconut shells are leftover. With the local wisdom of Tak ancestors, the shells are recycled creatively to become beautiful Krathongs used in the floathing contests Hmong Tak communities until now in Loy Krathong Sai Festival called a Thoudsand of Floating Lantens.