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Trang Attractions
Phraya Ratsadanupradit Mahison Phakdi Monument
Location : Mueang District
Phraya Ratsadanupradit Mahison Phakdi Monument was built to commemorate Phraya Ratsadanupradit who is a former ruler of Trang Province and initiated rubber cultivation, which led to the widespread planting of rubber in southern Thailand. A man with long vision, he was instrumental in the development of Trang's infrastructure, agriculture, animal husbandry, education system, and laid out the structure of local administration.

How to get there: The Museum is located around 200 meters from Kantang Municipality at No. 1, Khai Phithak Road, Tambon Kantang.
Opening Hours : Open daily, except Mondays (it is open on public holidays but closed the following day).
Contact : Tel. 0 7525 1100
Hotels : Hotels in Trang Area
Trang Chan-Chala Night Market
Location : Mueang District
Trang Chan-Chala Night Market located at the square in front of Trang Railway Station, it is a shopping street for handmade souvenirs, local food and desserts, with cultural and musical performances.
Opening Hours : Open every Friday – Sunday during 05.30 pm. - 10.00 pm.
Park & National Park
Sa Kraphang Surin Park
Location : Mueang District
Sa Kraphang Surin Park is a natural pool with an area of about 80,000 square meters. There is a concrete bridge spans the pool connecting with three pavilions in the middle of the pool. The surrounding areas are beautifully decorated gardens and restaurants under the shade of trees for visitors who come to relax. It is a place suitable for spending an evening.

How to get there: The public park is about 2 kilometers from the Provincial Hall on Wian Kaphang Road.
Khao Chong Wildlife Development and Conservation Promotion Station
Location : Na Yong District
Khao Chong Wildlife Development is the first nature and wildlife study place in Thailand, surrounding with large trees, streams and waterfalls like Ton Yai waterfall, Ton Noi waterfall and Ka Chong waterfall. In addition, the “nature study trail” is a walking trail ideal for studying nature up close. Signs along the trail provide information on the environment. “The Museum and Exhibition Building” has exhibitions on nature and natural resource conservation.

How to get there: Khao Chong Wildlife Development is located approximately 21 kilometers from the city on the Trang-Phatthalung Road.
Khuan Tamnak Chan Public Park
Location : Kantang District
Khuan Tamnak Chan Public Park
Khuan Tamnak Chan Public Park
Khuan Tamnak Chan Public Park offers spectacular surroundings, a beautiful sea view and a great panorama view of Kantang District. It has been developed to grow large trees and decorative plants. There is a rest pavilion and a parking lot for tourists.

How to get there: Khuan Tamnak Chan Public Park is located in the municipality of Mueang Kantang, just 24 kilometers from the city.
Hat Chao Mai National Park
Location : Sikao District
Hat Chao Mai is very popular in Trang, was proclaimed a marine national park on 14 October 1982, covers the 2 districts of Kantang and Sikao. Hat Chao Mai National Park’s coastline is about 20 kilometers. The Park headquarters is at Chang Lang Beach in Mai Fat Sub-district, approximately 47 kilometers from the city. Hat Chao Mai National Park has many attractions beaches such as Pak Meng beach, Chang Lang beach, San beach, Yao beach, Yong Ling beach, Chao Mai beach and a cave called Tham Chao Mai. All are easily accessible by car. Moreover, there are 7 other islands for which the park is responsible. They are Mook Island, Kradan island, Waen island, Chueak island, Pling island, Meng island and Chao Mai island. The weather inside the park has two seasons, hot season start from January till April and raining season start from May till December.

How to get there: To reach the park, take the Trang-Sikao-Pak Meng Road (Highway No. 4046-4162) for 40 kilometers and then head on for 7 kilometers more on road that runs to the headquarters.
Contact : Tel. 0 7520 3308
Tourist Attractions
Natural Attractions
Peninsular Botanic Garden (Thung Khai)
Location : Yan Ta Khao District
Peninsular Botanic Garden
Peninsular Botanic Garden (Thung Khai)
Peninsular Botanic Garden or Thung Khai is a new tourist destination for visitor who interested in studying nature and flora in particular. Inside the park visitor will meet with beautiful a botanical garden, an herbal garden, a botanical library, a plant museum, and a technical meeting centre. The most important aspect of the park is the many nature trails available, all going through a lowland jungle, as well as a forest with many interesting plant species. A major nature trail includes the Canopy Walkway featuring 3 levels of walkway at heights of 10 – 15 – 18 meters, a total distance of 175 meters along 5 boardwalk spans. Tourist service centre located inside the park.

How to get there: Peninsular Botanic Garden is located on Trang-Palian Road (Highway No. 404) to Km. 11.
Opening Hours : Daily from 08.00 am. - 05.00 pm.
Contact : Tel. 0 7528 0166
Kuan Khang Hot Spring
Location : Kantang District
Kuan Khang Hot Spring is an interesting place for health tourism which visitor will get a chance to relax with this Hot Spring 60 degrees Celsius temperature. High temperature from the Hot Spring can help visitor decrease stress and muscle tension. Kantang Hot Spring has 9 soak and bathing rooms and 1 foot soak room. Foot and body massage is also available, as well as massage products from mineral water from the hot spring.

How to get there: Kuan Khang Hot Spring is located at Moo 7, Nam Ron Sub-district, accessible through a drive from Kantang (kilometer 10 marker)
Administered by : Hat Chao Mai National Park
Thale Song Hong (Lake of Two Rooms)
Location : Huai Yot District
Thale Song Hong is located to the northwest of Trang Province, is a large lake surrounded by limestone hills. A mountain in the middle of the lake divides it in half resulting in the name Thale Song Hong. With the beautiful view, crystal clear water can see many fishes underneath, the lake is a perfect spot for fun and relaxation.
Zoos & Amusement Park
Rajamangala Aquarium
Location : Sikao District
Rajamangala Aquarium
Rajamangala Aquarium
Rajamangala Aquarium is the large building inside the Faculty of Science & Fisheries Technology, Rajamangala University of Technology Srivijaya Trang Campus, Mai Fat Sub-district. The aquarium has more than 61 display tanks, not including fishponds, and has both freshwater and marine fish, amphibians and the most realistic model of a mangrove forest.

How to get there: Aquarium is around 30 kilometer from the city on the Trang-Sikao-Pak Meng road (Highway No.4046, 4162)
Opening Hours : Daily from 09.00 am. - 05.00 pm.
Admission : 50 Baht (Price are subject to change)
Contact : Tel. 0 7520 4068, 0 7527 4169, 0 7527 4151 ext. 4011
Other Attractions
Na Muen Sri Weaving Group (Ban Na Muen Sri)
Location : Nayong District
Na Muen Sri Weaving Group produces & displays unique hand-woven cloth with special designs and various intricate patterns suitable for men’s and women’s clothing. There are also souvenir products; such as, handkerchief, pencil holder, etc. Moreover, the group also teaches the weaving folk wisdom to community children so that this cultural heritage will continue.

How to get there: Na Muen Sri Weaving Group located at Na Muen Sri Sub-district. The Museum located on the same way as the road to Khao Chang Hai Cave, or about 5 kilometer on Na Muen Si Road.
Opening Hours : Daily from 08.30 am. - 05.30 pm.
Contact : Tel. 0 7558 3524
The First Rubber Tree in Thailand
Location : Kantang District
This tree, The First Rubber Tree of Thailand located at the side of road to Kantang, in front of the Kantang Agriculture Co-operative. This tree represents the first group of rubber trees that Phraya Ratsadanupradit planted to pioneer the rubber plantation industry in Thailand in 1899.