Trang Caves, Trang Waterfalls, Caves and Waterfalls in Trang

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Trang Caves & Waterfalls
Chao Mai Cave-Chao Khun Cave
Location : Kantang District
Chao Mai Cave and Chao Khun Cave are stalagmite and stalactite cave in To Nae Mountain, near Ban Chao Mai. The cave has many levels which the bottom level being the biggest, with all the levels connected by passages on the right hand side, which run for about 100 meters. Visitor can take by small rowboat to explore the cave and proceed through to a verdant mangrove forest.

How to get there: Chao Mai Cave and Chao Khun Cave can be reached about 15-minute by boat trip from Hat Yao (Long Beach).

Administered by : Hat Chao Mai National Park
Khao Pina
Location : Huai Yot District
Khao Pina
Khao Pina
Khao Pina is hollow mountain looks like an upside down wok. Located at the foot of the mountain is Wat Pina, a temple where a reclining Buddha image is enshrined at the cave entrance. Concrete stairs allow visitors to see the caves beauty, with options of 3 trails and a panoramic view. With lush forests and a tranquil environment, the area is perfect for relaxation.

How to get there: Khao Pina is located in Na Wong Sub-district, about 45 kilometers from the city on Phetkasem Road and another 2 kilometers off the main road.
Tham Le Khao Kop
Location : Huai Yot District
Tham Le Khao Kop or Khao Kop Cave is an amazing natural wonder, it has a canal flows from the Banthat Mountain Range meets the mountainous lanscape of Khao Kop and is divided into 3 small canal, two of which flows into both sides of the hill while the center of which flows into a tunnel right underneath Khao Kop, creating an interesting landscape like no other.

Inside Tham Le Khao Kop, there are picturesque stalagmites and stalactites to be admired throughout the boat journey and all around the cave’s shelters and chambers; such as, Chao Sao Cave, Rak Sai Cave, Khonthan Cave, etc. One outstanding feature of the cave is the exciting and impressive boat journey through Tham Lot (Lot Cave), in which visitors will have to lie flat on the boat while passing through a small and narrow passage of the cave to reach the other end. Currently the Khao Kop Sub-district Administrative Organisation provides rowboats for visitors to view the cave’s beauty and to be an ecotourism and adventure activity by the locals.

Tham Le Khao Kop
Tham Le Khao Kop
How to get there: Tham Le Khao Kop is located in Moo 1, Khao Kop Sub-district, approximately 7 kilometers from the District Office on Phetkasem Road. Upon arriving at the km 7, turn left onto a 700 meters road that leads to the site
Admission : 200 Baht / 7 people, 30 Baht / people (Price are subject to change)
Contact : Tel. 0 7527 1426
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Phrai Sawan Waterfall
Location : Yan Ta Khao District
Phrai Sawan Waterfall is an ideal nature for relaxation, which is a medium-sized waterfall with 17 sub-levels. The fall has rubber boats available to take visitors on a 5-kilometers raft trip around the waterfall.

How to get there: It can be reached by taking the Trang-Phatthalung Road to the Km. 17 marker, then turning right onto the Ban Ka Chong-Ban Hat Lao Road and proceeding for 20 kilometers. At the directional sign for the Waterfall turn left and proceed for another 4.5 kilometers.
Namtok Ton Te (Ton Te Waterfall)
Location : Palian District
Namtok Ton Te or Ton Te waterfall is large and beautiful waterfall of Trang which the originating in Banthat. The waterfall drops 320 meters down to the rocks. Assorted tropical flora covers the surrounding area. Visitors can go by car to the waterfall in every season and throughout the year.

How to get there: Namtok Ton Te is located 45 kilometers from the city, take Trang-Phatthalung Road for about 17 kilometers, turn right onto the Ban Kachong-Ban Hat Lao Road (Highway No. 4124) for about 27 kilometers and finally make a left turn and proceed for another 1 kilometer.
Namtok Ton Tok (Ton Tok Waterfall)
Location : Palian District
Namtok Ton Tok
Namtok Ton Tok
Namtok Ton Tok or Ton Tok Waterfall just takes a walk up the hills for 1 kilometer from Namtok Ton Te. Namtok Ton Tok is a single-level waterfall cascading down slightly sloping boulders to the basin below. Visitor can see a great view of Namtok Ton Te from this waterfall.

How to get there: Namtok Ton Tok is located 1 kilometer from Ton Tae Waterfall along a walking trail.