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Welcome to Uttaradit
A province in the North of Thailand bordering Laos, Uttaradit has a long history dating back to pre-historic times. The site of the "modern" town, then called Bang Pho Tha It, was located on the right bank of the Nan River during the Dvaravati or Lavo periods, prior to Lanna and Sukhothai, when it flourished as a commercial port until King Rama V elevated its status into a province and re-named it Uttaradit, literally "the Port of the North".

Uttaradit, which literally means "the Port of the North" has a long history of commercial importance. Today, the city is a naturally beautiful town and the province contains Queen Sirikit Dam, a 250 km² artificial lake, as well as the world's largest teak tree, which has stood for roughly 1500 years.
North : Nan and Phrae South : Phitsanulok
East : Phitsanulok, Loei and Laos West : Sukhothai
Distances to Other Provinces
Phrae 75 km Nan 190 km
Sukhothai 100 km Loei 385 km

Distances from Amphoe Mueang to Other Districts
Lab Lae 8 km Pichai 45 km
Tron 24 km Nam Prad 72 km
Tha Pla 40 km Fak Tha 113 km
Thong Saenkhan 42 km Baan Khok 165 km
Festivals & Events
Phraya Phichai Dap Hak and Red Cross Fair
When: 7 – 16 January
Where: hraya Phichai Dap Hak Stadium
Phrayapichai Daabhak and red cross festival
Phrayapichai Daabhak
and red cross festival
is organized to commemorate the heroic deeds of Phraya Phichai during 7-16 January every year at Phraya Phichai Dap Hak Stadium. There are the Provincial Red Cross Centre's booths selling products, traditional and cultural performances, various forms of entertainment and a ceremony to worship Phraya Phichai Dap Hak.
Buddhabahtyukol Festival (Wat Phra Borom That Thung Yang Festival)
When: March
Where: Wat Phra Taen Silaasna
Wat Phra Taen Silaasna and Wat Phra Yuen. In the 8th-15th full moon night of 3rd month [MAKHA BUCHA DAY] of every year there will be merit making tradition to worship Phrataen Siraasna. Nearby villagers will come to help clean the temple area for welcoming priests and citizens from other town who will come to make and worship the Prataen in large number.
The Tradition of Buddha Cremation
When: May
Where: at Wat Phra Borom That Thung Yang
The Tradition of Buddha Cremation
The Tradition of Buddha Cremation
A religious ritual seen nowhere else, is held at Wat Phra Borom That Thung Yang after Visakha Bucha day in May. It features the re-enactment the funeral ceremony for the Lord Buddha.
Lang sad Day Festival
When: September - October
Where: City hall of Province
Lang sad is a famous fruit of Uttaradit Province. During September and October Lang sad will fully ripe and give sweet and good smell taste in order to stimulate farmers to improve the variety of Lang sad to promote sale for farmers, the province has organized Lang sad day festival on weekend of September every year.