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Welcome to Bueng Kan
Phu Thok Temple
Phu Thok Temple
Bueng Kan is 750 kilometers away from Bangkok or 136 kilometres northeast of Nong Khai. Its northern border lies adjacent to the Mekong river , opposite to Bolikhamsai Province of the Lao People's Democratic Republic (Lao PDR). With a total area of 4,305 square kilometers, the land is mostly covered by forest and agriculture with para rubber as the important economic crop. Major tourist attractions include waterfalls, mountains and beautiful scenery of the Mekong River.

Bueng Kan has been separated from Nong Khai and established as a province of Thailand on March 23, 2011. The province is divided into 8 districts including Mueang District, Pak Khat District, So Phisai District, Si Wilai District, Phon Charoen District, Seka District, Bueng Khong Long District, and Bung Khla District.
North : Bolikhamsai Province of the Lao PDR
East : Bolikhamsai Province of the Lao PDR and Nakhon Phanom
South : Sakhon Nakhon
West : Vientiane of the Lao PDR and Nong Khai
Distances to Other Provinces
Nong Khai 113 km Udon Thani Province 189 km
Sakon Nakhon 133 km    

Distances from Mueang District to Other Districts
Si Wilai 35 km So Phisai 58 km
Bung Khla 39 km Bueng Khong Long 73 km
Phon Charoen 47 km Seka 88 km
Pak Khat 50 km    
Festivals & Events
Boon Bang Fai or Rocket Festival
When: May
Where: Mueang District
The festival is Bueng Kan’s indigenous tradition and important folklore. It is believed to appease to the rain gods for giving a lot of rainfall in the coming rainy season. The villagers will adorn themselves in colourful outfits, dance and sing in a procession while carry the rockets containing gunpowder and are around 9 metres in length.
Lai Reua Fai or Light Floating Festival
When: October and November
Where: Chanuman District
The festival, a heritage of Isan people has been celebrated at the end of Buddhist Lent. Bueng Kan celebrates the festival 1 day before that. The festival features different shapes of boats which people have been adhered to the traditional way of building with natural materials such as banana trunks or bamboo raft. Soft wood is made into different structures of the boat. Some are as long as 20 metres, 24 metres or 30 metres.
Candle Procession Festival
When: October and November
Where: Chanuman District
This annual festival is held during Buddhist Lent. Wax candles are created, elaborately engraved and adorned. They are later brought to participate in a parade. A competition for the most beautiful candle is also organized as well.
Princess’s Cup Boat Race
When: September
Where: Mueang District
An inauguration of the new province, Bueng Kan officially formed on 3 August to mark its new status is celebrated on 10 – 12 September. There will be a Boat Race to win HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn’s cup.