Krabi hotels and travel guide, Thailand. Hotel reservation for Krabi, Koh Phi-Phi, Koh Lanta.

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Attractions in Krabi - Thailand  Namtok Huai Sa-de
springs from a steep cliff 1.2 kilometers from the park offices. 5 caves with stalactites and stalagmites of different shapes lying 3 kilometers distant from the National Park Office. Some resemble stupas, others mushrooms, a curtain, etc. The cave wall are sparkling white and dazzlingly beautiful. Tourist accommodations and services are available nearby; to make reservations, contact the Kao Panom Bencha National Park Office, Amphoe Muang, Krabi 81000. The source of this 500 meter tall water fall in Mount Thep Bencha, th etallest mountain in Krabi. It lies about 10 kilometers from the Kao Panom District office. This falls has its source in the Kao Panom Bencha Mountains like Klong Haeng Waterfall, but it is as tall. It lies 16 kilometers from the Kao Panom district office.
Wat Khlong Thom Museum
The Museum exhibits various artifacts discovered during excavations of an area called "Khuan Luk Pat" or a bead mound behind Wat Khlong Thom. Unearthed artifacts include stone tools, bronze implements, metal coins, pottery shards, ceramic and stone decorative art and colored beads that are over 5,000 years old. This Museum is situated within the compound of Wat Khlong Thom between Kilometer marker 69-70 on Phetchakasem Highway, one kilometer from the District office.

How to get there : From Krabi, take Highway No. 4 to Khlong Thom District. The Wat Khlong Thom Museum is about i kilometer from the District.
Opening Hours : Daily from 08.30 am. - 04.30 pm.
Admission : Free
Contact : Tel. 0 7562 2163

This three-level falls drops from a height of 800 meters and lies in Ban Hin Perng in Tambon Klong Pon, 25 kilometers from the Klong Tom District offices. The area is forested and shady This is one of only a few lowland forests in Southern Thailand. The nature trail begins about 800 meters before reaching the Kao Nor Ju Ji Park Office within the Restricted Hunting Area of Kao Pra-Bang Kram. It passes through both secondary forest, now in the process of development and growth and primary forest containing very large, ancient trees. The trail climbs into the limestone foothills, passing a pool of startling clarity and beauty. After that it enters an area open and spacious before returning to the park office. Many animals and plant species in the lowland forest are extremely rare, some are close to extinction. Of particular note is the colorful Pitta Gurney bird, or nok taew laew tong dam in Thai, which was long thought wiped out but has recently been re-discovered living in Tung Tiao. The Hot Springs Waterfall is located approximately 8 kilometres from the Emerald Pool, is in a shady forest area with numerous hot springs. A natural hot stream flows through the jungle and then down several small waterfalls with some really cool rock formations that creates at least five “jacuzzis” before dropping into a colder little lake. The hot springs and cool streams converge on a slope to form lovely cascades of warm water with a temperature of 40-50 degrees Celsius.

How to get there : To reach the waterfall visitors should travel 45 kilometers from town to Amphoe Khlong Thom, then take Sukhaphiban 2 Road for another 12 kilometers.
Opening Hours : Daily from 07.00 am. - 05.00 pm.
Admission : 10 Baht per person (Price are subject to change)

On this island are found many colorful and exotic species of bird. Koh Sila, is 2 kilometers from Hat Bor Muang Beach.
Emerald Pool is also called Sa Morakot and was listed in Unseen Thailand which attracting all tourist to visit. Emerald Pool situated at Klongtom district, Krabi Province, Southern part of Thailand. Walking along the nature track beside the stream about 800 m. from parking area, you will reach the amazing nature pool. The clear blue-green pool challenge all visitor to get into the pool and this became the name of this place “ Emerald Pool “ . With the bacteria, mineral and lime stone solution mixed in the stream that run to the pool makes beautiful natural color. Beside the pool there is the Royal Pavilion which Princess Sirinthorn ever visited here. We can up walk to the upper pool which you can see darker color of the water. This place close to Hot Waterfall another amazing unseen Thailand.

How to get there : The Emerald Pool is situated in Khao Pra - Bang Khram Wildlife Sanctuary, 18 kms along the public road No. 4038 from the district office of Klong Thom. The gravel entrance road is 800-meters from the main entrance to the pool. Jam Island or Poo Island
A large Muslim-populated island forming its own sub-district in Krabi. The population engages mostly in fishing, rubber cultivation and the local craft of cloth weaving. This last has become so well-known that Krabi province is famous for its cloth, called Pah Tor Koh Poo weven cloth. During the fair-weather months of dry season. passage to the island can be made by taking a boat from the Jao Fa pier in Krabi Town; when the weather is rainy, take a boat from Laem Kruad pier in Nua Klong District. Beach bungalows are available for overnight visitors. This island lies not far from Jam Island and is likewise populated by Muslims engaged in fishing and rubber planting. The atmosphere is quiet and pleasant, perfect for unhurried holiday relaxation. Beach bungalows are available. During fair - weather months take the boat from Jao Fa Pier in Krabi Town ; in rainy season, leave form Laem Kruad pier in Nua Klong District.